5 months away from classrooms!

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We have completed 5 months without any presential classes in Minas Gerais. Since the pandemic started, we have worked tirelessly in order to provide hope and guidance for our associated schools and consequently their students.
Processes, defenses, and intense legal fighting for our rights in court have been ongoing.
Much has happened since March. Our head office and lawyer have worked many hours to be able to deliver accurate information for the language schools.

Together, we have fought to keep our students watching classes, we have learned how to provide online lessons, we have adapted our methods, taught our teachers to teach using screens and if needed, we took equipment for them to work in their homes.
We also went through a lot of challenges such as students that couldn’t pay, families that became unemployed from one day to another and negotiated our prices to offer the best condition.

Our student’s homes became our new classrooms changing the traditional way we taught for centuries!
For all these actions we had to invest money, time, effort and, above all, believe that it was possible.
We focused on preserving the relationship with our students and their families making sure they learned even in such hard times.
Our schools have been shut down since March 18th.

Whenever it’s possible and permitted by government, we’ll return to presential classes providing safe and prepared schools.
We neither want to force or impede this return but only be back when it’s safe for students, teachers, employees and employers.
All of us are impacted by the pandemic. It’s a difficult time.
Languages schools are not regulated by any sort of law. We are considered an informal way of teaching, but we are specialized schools and the ones that can really make a difference in people’s lives.

Learning another language can change someone’s future, cross frontiers and opens doors to new projects and cultures.
Sindilivre is dedicated to ensuring that language schools continue to transform students dreams into reality.
For now, be safe.

Carla Attilia Longobucco
Sindilivre Idiomas – Diretora Financeira

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